Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final Visual Project

For my final visual project I'll be collaborating with Shannon to comment on various aspects of our community, specifically focusing on the monoculture and shared ideologies that exist on our campus. We will be creating a false campaign for a made up candidate as an experiment to see our community's reaction to a somewhat idealized candidate. This is responding to the opposition that existed when students posted Ron Paul signs around the school which were quickly torn down. We will see if our signs, representing a false candidate, get torn down or are left up. We will then be recording the reaction of students when interviewed about this false candidate. We'll be encouraging the following of the candidate by telling our friends about her and trying to spread the word. Our plan is to then create a video of all of the results to present.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Visual Project 3

My third visual project was a video documentation of the interactions between people and the space they share for the duration of a week. My original idea was working off of Marina Ambromovic's performance in which she sat at a table with the gallery-goers and stared vacantly at them. I started out with the idea of focusing on two specific people and documenting how their relationship progresses throughout the course of the week. During filming I decided there were much more interesting interactions going on all around me and changed my idea to document the various different people on the trip and how they live in this space that almost seems otherworldly in the moment. My finished project incorporates ideas talked about in the reading about space, providing an analysis on the way that these people feel at home amongst their peers in a new environment.